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Our organization is open to all current and/or formerly qualified Otter, Caribou and Support Unit personnel who have been awarded a job specialty or wings. It also includes members of Ground Support, Administration, and Flight Operations personnel who supported our organizations. There are also provisions for Associate, Student, and Honorary membership. In 1999 the General Membership approved allowing those members of the 1st Aviation Company who remained with or were assigned to the company after it lost the Caribous in 1966 and acquired a classified mission utilizing P2V aircraft, to become regular members of the association.

Our objective is to develop a climate for the renewal of old friendships among former members of Aviation military units and to strengthen relationships with military service persons on active duty. We plan to do this with activities which stimulate the comradeship of the Aviation service members through an annual reunion and convention

REGULAR MEMBERSHIP: Any personnel formerly qualified to crew/fly these two aircraft; or assigned to a lettered, numbered or otherwise designated Otter or Caribou units, to include Support Members (Officer, Warrant and Enlisted); or was assigned to the 1st Avn Co (RR) subsequent to Jan 1, 1967.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: All U. S. Citizens that support our goals.

STUDENT MEMBERSHIP: Student enrolled in secondary schools, colleges or universities who support our goals.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP: Open to members who meet criteria for Regular Membership.

HONORARY MEMBERSHIP - Persons of special distinction and achievement or special merit.

Current Honorary Members Include:

  • Robert R. Williams (former Director of Army Aviation and Commander, Ft Rucker)
  • William E. Butterworth (AKA "W. E. B. Griffin") noted author and special friend of Army Aviation
  • Ellis D. Parker (former Commander, Ft. Rucker) MG, USA, Retired
  • Russ Bannock, Richard W. Gleasure, and Fredereick "Ted" Johnson - All former DeHaviland representatives
  • David M. Jones (Pilot for 1942 Doolittle Raid over Japan) MG, USAF, Retired
  • Richard T. Knowles (former ADC, 1st Air Cav; New Mexico State Legislator)
  • In Memorial: Delbert Bristol (Cdr, 10th Air Transport Brigade, 11th Air Assault Division; and Director Army Aviation)
  • Hamilton H. Howze (One of the designers and testers of the Airmobile Concept)

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